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"To Magnolia"

Drama | Short Story | 1600 Words

Claudia is having a rough day. Her mother, who constantly nags her to find a husband, set her up on a date with a colleague. On the way to the restaurant, Claudia's car breaks down. While waiting for the bus, Claudia meets her old friend, Sam, who is still willing to be a shoulder to cry on.

"How Business is Handled"

Drama | Flash Fiction | 600 Words

A mother goes on a business trip, but she is not entirely honest with her husband. She receives an expected knock on her hotel room's door. Her guest leaves her with an unexpected outcome.


Script | Short Film | 5 Pages

An overly optimistic man must convince a cynical mother not to pull the plug.

"Under the Rainbow"

New Adult | Short Story | 2900 words
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Emmy, an anxious college student, is unexpectedly nominated to run for president of her LGBT Club.

"Happy Place"

Drama | Flash Fiction | 600 Words
Happy Place.jpg

Alex struggles to repress memories from her past. She refuses treatment for her mental condition and her twin sister, Cara, tries to convince Alex that it's time to go home.

"The Ghosts That Haunt Me"

Psychological Horror | Short Story | 1300 Words

It's Halloween night. The porch light is turned off to deter trick-or-treaters. However, there is an unwelcome knock upon the door and a hermit tries to go about his daily routine while screaming at the unwanted visitors.


Script | Short Film | 5 Pages

A disturbed patient must convince an arrogant nurse that she does not need treatment.

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